A charge of energy is what it takes especially with the beautiful season
and the new NiRa Rubens sneakers are rich in floral references and colors.

We know, women and shoes have always had a long love story. A promise to be renewed season after season in a high-fidelity fashion ritual that swears eternal and unconditional love to the most feminine accessory par excellence: the Shoes! The beautiful and comfortable one to use and not the one to look at.

Some Advice…

The real elegance is to choose sneakers with design and fashion content, that also have a value that remains in time; products made with a certain know-how.
Handcrafted work meets the 90s vibe and boho inspirations in the new spring/summer 2019 fashion shoes by Nira Rubens. There is no shortage of floral patterns, urban fabrics but also new features with oversized lines: the #NEWCOLLECTION19