About us

At the beginning of 2016, from Nicoletta and Ramon's creativity and love of colours NiRa Rubens was born. The context is that of Riviera del Brenta, a location of great cultural and artistic repute due to its patrician villas, planned and painted between 1400 and 1700 by renowned artists such as Palladio, Tiziano, Tintoretto, Tiepolo.

This is a new brand, a young company where everithing radiates art and research, beginning with the name itself: NiRa, a combination of the founders' names, and Rubens, homage to the famed Flemish painter, master of colour.
Indeed, all of NiRa Rubens' creations distinghush themselves for their handmade drawings painted on every shoe by Venice Art Academy's trained artisans-artists.

All of NiRa Rubens' collections are inspired by the universal symbols of the heart and the star, continuously reinvented and reassembled, and applied to the shoes through the use of new and original painting techniques, experimenting with different kinds of chromatic options.

NiRa Rubens' hallmark is undoubtedly the red heart, where the power of fire merges into love's emotion. The heart and the star are then painted on some iconic sneakers' models, milestones for past and future generations.

The casual and glam identity of NiRa Rubens finds its natural space in the windows
of a selected network of premium clothing and accessories boutiques.
Its fashion style stands out for the mix and match of materials refined, in details and "hand made in Italy" decorations that give products uniqueness and originality protected by the International Model Design storage at EUIPO.