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The sneakers have experienced a growing success since their birth, becoming over time a true icon of the footwear world with a timeless appeal. The latest fashion trends have brought them to light like an absolutely glamorous shoe that does not simply bind to the world of sport or street style. In fact, fashion shows us how sneakers are perfect even to play down the most formal looks with a touch of original style; they are perfect to complete outfits consisting of a simple dress or an ankle-length skirt, for a vintage-style look that recalls '50s fashion. It's really hard to make mistakes with your sneakers. If you add to this the extreme comfort that these shoes can give to the wearer, then success can only be assured.

Martini is the NiRa Rubens interpretation of the famous women sneaker, embellished sideways by beautiful hand-painted decorations made by skilled artisans. Decorations such as the iconic heart or the star, symbols of the brand, which are masterfully extended to the 3.5 cm high rubber sole, slightly higher than the classic sneakers. Each decoration is created with creative techniques thanks to the use of tools such as the airbrush, used for example for the creation of smoked decorations or brushes through which the color is distributed on the upper to create contrasting effects. NiRa Rubens sneakers are unique pieces with an absolutely refined charm, an emblem of the Italian craftsmanship.