Bloody Mary

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The combat boots are a symbol of various Londoners' urban subcultures, created initially for soldiers and later for the working class. From that moment the black army boots spread throughout the lower class of the society, coming to seduce the most alternative groups of young people. Predominantly made of black leather and decorated with metallic details, the combat boots have a punk-rock soul, but their versatility makes them perfect for many occasions and to complete many looks, from the sportier to the more casual or elegant ones.
Worn not only in winter, the ankle biker boots are the ideal accessory to face spring and even summer; They can make cool a colorful floral dress or can be matched to an everyday look composed of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Bloody Mary women's lace-up boots are a gritty and romantic reinterpretation of the classic boots, embellished with glamorous details like stars and hearts, hand painted on the upper by the skilled creativity of NiRa Rubens artisans. Airbrush, glitters and lots of imagination are the key ingredients that have allowed this mix of originality and comfort, a feature that distinguishes all the NiRa Rubens shoes, making each footwear unique and precious.