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Initially, the running shoes, as the name suggests, were designed for athletes who needed a lightweight shoe with a good grip on the ground to prevent slipping. Thus the first leather shoe with rubber sole was designed, the forerunner of the modern running shoes. Since then, in fact, technology and human genius working in close collaboration have led to a constant evolution of this extraordinary type of footwear, up to what we are accustomed to seeing today worn by millions of people. The latest fashion trends teach us that running shoes are not only linked to the world of sports but can also occupy a leading position in our everyday looks. Perfect to be worn like a real chic accessory even in combination with dresses, suits and everything you want, they are really versatile to complete any kind of look.

A mix of class between sport and fashion that NiRa Rubens has decided to reinterpret with Bellini, a line of running sneakers with an extremely refined taste. The leather upper of these extremely light and comfortable shoes are embellished with "handmade" decorations created by NiRa Rubens artisans, making them unique pieces. The heart or the star, iconic symbols of the brand, illuminate a shoe that can be worn either with a traditional sports outfit or with a more innovative formal outfit. A truly trendy shoe characterized by an exclusive fit: the rubber sole in fact, on which the upper decoration extends, has a serrated tread to ensure better grip on the ground. Bellini is a feminine, trendy and extremely versatile shoe, a work of art to wear on feet.