White Lady

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It's impossible to forget the 90s' trend that wanted the high wedges as a fundamental part of the most different shoes. A trend that, as often happens, was also taken to extremes. Just think about the weird sneakers worn by the famous pop stars of that time characterized by a really dizzying height sole. Since then, changes have certainly not been lacking and with them more attention to the sense of measure and taste. The fashion of recent times wants the return of this particular trend, a return, however, characterized by a completely new look. And so we see them worn by the most famous fashion influencers a plenty of beautiful platform sneakers.

The explosive result of the mix between the flat shoes - loved by most women for their extreme comfort - and wedges shoes. The announced success of these sneakers is probably due to the fact that, thanks to them, you can gain a few inches more without having to give up comfort, thanks to a sole that, being parallel to the ground, ensures a safe walk. Platform sneakers represent a real must-have for women's closet and, thanks to their versatility, they are perfect to complete every kind of look.

NiRa Rubens proposes White Lady, feminine platform sneakers characterized by a very lightweight micro-sole of 7 cm that gives an extremely practical fit. The White Lady is characterized by a refined hand-painted decoration on the upper made by skilled artisans, through various painting techniques. The heart or the star, iconic symbols of the brand NiRa Rubens extend to the sole and embellish the sneakers with delicacy. Each NiRa Rubens shoe is an enchanting representation of a 100% made in Italy craftsmanship. A unique and precious shoe, a work of art to wear on feet.